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Mount Victoria Release Notes

These items were deployed to production the morning of Friday, March 5th, 2021.


Filtering with OR and NULL Operators

PM2-2487 OR and NULL operators have been added to the reporting module.

OR and NULL can only be applied in Explore > Reporting. They cannot be used in the Worklist, Contracts list, Vendor Directory, etc.

Previously, the reporting module only recognized AND as a filter operator.

  • The OR operator will allow users to run more complex reports.

  • The NULL operator will make it easier to audit records for missing information.

PM2-6108 Filter selections can be strung together using OR as an operator.

  • When selecting at least two filter criteria, you can include OR between those criteria.

  • Criteria excluding OR will continue to function as AND.

  • The Any/All toggles available on existing filters will continue to function as designed, but will also allow for OR between two or more filters.

When you select a value in the Filter widget, the value will appear to the right, preceded by AND.

  • To change the AND operator to OR, click on it.

  • To change an OR operator back to AND, click on it.

PM2-6109 Filters can be selected for NULL values.

Within the Filter widget, you can select None as a field value.

Important Considerations for Working with Filters

  • At least one filter in the OR group must be true, but all filters in the AND group must be true. 

  • If there is only one OR filter, then that one filter must be true.

PM2-7645 BUG FIX In the Users tab, the Locations column failed to appear in the Manage Columns widget.

This has been fixed; the Locations column will appear in the Manage Columns widget as expected.

PM2-7669 BUG FIX In the Workflows tab, the Contract Type column failed to populate.

  • The column appeared, but no field values were displayed.

  • This has been fixed; the Contract Type column will populate as expected.

PM2-7650 BUG FIX Neither saved filters nor updates to saved filters behaved as expected.

  • This applied to all tables throughout the application.

  • This has been fixed; saved filters and updates will behave as expected.


PM2-7679 DEFECT FIX An Admin encountered intermittent issues when attempting to open a specific workflow in the Document Source Phase.

  • The workflow intermittently returned an error.

  • The Upload Document options failed to appear.

  • This has been fixed; Admins will be able to open workflows without receiving an error.

PM2-7560 DEFECT FIX Initiating a workflow for an existing contract prompted an error and prevented the contract from being linked to the workflow.

This has been fixed; initiating a workflow for an existing contract will work as expected.

PM2-7775 BUG FIX DocuSign failed to send the Voided Electronic Signature email when the Signature Phase was retracted.

This has been fixed; if the Signature Phase is retracted, then DocuSign will send the Voided Electronic Signature email as expected.


Custom Fields Available in the Worklist

PM2-7040 Custom fields are available in the worklist, giving workflow participants easier access to information relevant to their workflows.

  • Users can add custom fields via the Additional Columns widget.

  • After adding those columns, users can manage and filter them using the Manage Columns and Filter Table widgets.

For now, sorting will only be available for custom fields that have a single attribute.

Worklist & Contracts List

Improved Performance

PM2-6259 BUG FIX The worklist and contracts list will load faster.

This will be especially noticeable when switching on the Include Previously Completed Items or Include Inactive Contracts toggle.

We are sunsetting the Contract Library feature that limits initially returned search results to the first 500, as this performance improvement renders it unnecessary, even in larger tenants.


PM2-7677 DEFECT FIX In the Contract Library, attempting to filter results by location prompted a Something went wrong loading contracts error.

This has been fixed; filtering by location will work as expected.

PM2-7653 DEFECT FIX Auto-renewal contracts with 0 Renewal Times remaining failed to update to Expired status upon passing the Expiration Date.

This has been fixed; auto-renewal contracts with 0 Renewal Times remaining will update to Expired status upon passing the Expiration Date.


PM2-7596 DEFECT FIX In the Add Permission Set modal, entering a parenthesis, question mark, or asterisk in the Organization search bar returned an error.

This has been fixed; searches that include special characters will no longer return errors.

PM2-7714 DEFECT FIX Attempting to add a user role to an existing permission set returned a timeout error.

This has been fixed; user roles can be added to existing permission sets as expected.

PM2-7642 BUG FIX Opening a user profile from within a User Group table caused filtering issues.

  • Filtering the Selected table for permissions would remove the user whose profile had been opened.

  • Checking and then unchecking that user in the Select People table caused the user to then appear in the Selected table twice.

  • This has been fixed; opening a user profile from within a User Group table will no longer affect the filters.

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