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Mount Xanadu Release Notes

These items were deployed on the evening of Thursday, May 27th, 2021.

New Features

PM2-7011 Any User as Responsible Party

This functionality is controlled by a backend toggle at the tenant level. By default, it is OFF. To have it turned on, contact your MediTract CLM representative, requesting that Any User as Responsible Party be toggled ON.

PM2-7366, PM2-7816 Within both the workflow and the contract summary page, any user from the organization, except an External Party user, can be assigned as a Primary, Secondary, or Tertiary Responsible Party via permission overrides. 
  • This allows particular specialists to act as Responsible Parties without having widespread contract access. 

  • Admins and Phase Managers can assign the user during a workflow, and Admins and Editors can assign the user from the contract summary page.

How It Works
  • When an Admin, Editor, or Phase Manager selects a Responsible Party, within that dropdown, they’ll see every user* within the organization, not just those who would have permission to the contract.

*PM2-7816 External Party users are excluded from the Primary, Secondary, and Tertiary Responsible Party dropdowns. They cannot be granted system-driven permission overrides.

  • If the selected user has insufficient permission to access the contract, then that user will be granted Contract Moderator permissions via a system-driven permission override. 

    • If the user is assigned during a workflow, they’ll be granted the Contract Moderator permission override upon activation.

    • The override will behave as though it were added manually.

  • Changing the Responsible Party will not remove that user's permission override. The permission override must be deleted separately. 

  • Permission overrides facilitate access to and restriction from individual contract files. They do not apply to workflows or timesheets.

PM2-7820 The following information will appear in the Permission Overrides panel on the contract summary page:
For system-driven permission overrides:

First & Last Name

User Email Address Moderator

This permission override was system generated on MM/DD/YYYY 0:00AM

For manually applied permission overrides:

First & Last Name

User Email Address   <Moderator> or <Editor>

Created by First & Last Name on MM/DD/YYYY 0:00AM


PM2-7799 To facilitate monitoring the use of Permission Overrides, Admins will receive an automatic email notification and an in-app (bell) notification when a user is granted a system-driven permission override.

Any system-driven permission overrides applied during a workflow will be sent upon activation.

Email Subject

User [First Name] [Last Name] was granted a system-driven Permission Override

Email Body

Dear [Recipient First Name],

The user [First Name] [Last Name] was assigned as a Responsible Party on the contract [Contract Name as hyperlink]. 

To enable this selection, the user was granted a Permission Override. If you believe this override is appropriate, no further action is needed.

In-App Notification

[First Name] [Last Name] has been selected as a Responsible Party on the contract [Contract Name]. A Permission Override was created to enable this selection. If you believe this override is appropriate, no further action is needed.

In organizations that use system-driven permission overrides, Admins can toggle off these notifications under Account Settings > Notifications. 

Table Performance Improvement

PM2-8114 To improve performance, all tables within the application will display a maximum of 500 rows per page.

If a user enters a number greater than 500 in the Results Per Page field, they’ll see a message asking them to enter a lower number.

Sorting and filtering will apply to all results.

Time Tracking (TERMS 2.0)

PM2-8134 Workflow History on Timesheets

PM2-3516 The Workflow History panel will be displayed in timesheets (which are functionally workflows). 

The following details will be logged:

  • Action taken

  • Date and time

  • First and last name of user who took action

  • Phase in which action was taken

The following actions will be logged:

  • Workflow initiation

  • Phase start

  • Phase participant turn submitted

  • Phase submission

  • Phase retraction

  • Workflow activation

  • Workflow cancelation

Bug & Defect Fixes


PM2-8436 DEFECT FIX If the initiator of a workflow on an existing contract was not the Phase Manager in subsequent phases, then that user would not receive the Initiator: Workflow Activated in-app and email notifications.

This has been fixed; initiators of non-new workflows will be notified as expected.

PM2-8541 DEFECT FIX If a Responsible Party was newly assigned during a workflow on an existing contract, then that user would not receive the Notice of Assignment as a Responsible Party notification upon activation.

This has been fixed; upon activation, newly assigned Responsible Parties will be notified as expected.


PM2-8501 BUG FIX If a filter is removed before the worklist or contract queue has loaded, the table will load with the filter applied.
  • If the user refreshed the page, the table would load without the filter applied.

  • This has been fixed; users can no longer remove filters while tables are loading.

Workflows & Contracts

PM2-8572 DEFECT FIX If a user initiated a workflow from the worklist, selected the Existing Contract radio button, selected an existing Contract Number, and then changed the radio button selection to New Contract, the selected Contract Number failed to clear.

This has been fixed; switching from Existing Contract to New Contract during initiation will clear the selected Contract Number as expected.

PM2-8575 DEFECT FIX Secondary and Tertiary Responsible Parties failed to carry from the activated contract to the abstraction workflow.

This has been fixed; all Responsible Parties for a contract will be carried into its abstraction workflow.


PM2-1734 BUG FIX In the Email Address field in the Create New User modal, the cursor continually moved to the end of the field, causing issues when users attempted to edit the email address.

This has been fixed; Admins can now edit the field as expected.

PM2-8064 DEFECT FIX Our authentication service, Keycloak, failed to create profiles for Other Party Contacts when they were invited to become registered External Party users.
  • In some cases, the Invite to become registered user button was visible to users who were unauthorized to invite External Party users to become registered users.

  • This has been fixed; only an Admin or Phase Manager can invite an Other Party Contact to become an External Party user to become a registered user, and Keycloak will create a profile when the invitation is sent.

PM2-8552 DEFECT FIX When changing a Phase Owner within a workflow template, if that Phase Owner was also sequenced as a Phase Owner, the Participant Sequence retained the previous Phase Owner. 

This has been fixed; if the Phase Owner is also sequenced as the Phase Owner, changing the Phase Owner will remove that user from the Participant Sequence.

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