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Request Question Setup

Why do this?

Creating a question-answer set for Requestors maps requests to the correct workflow templates while keeping the process simple for Requestors.

Who can do this?

Only Admins and Super Admins can set up request questions.

Additional Considerations

  • Each answer will correspond to a single request workflow template.

  • The questions and answers will be organization-specific.

  • If there is only one request question and one answer, then the request question may be bypassed. The Requestor will automatically be directed to the request workflow mapped to that answer, regardless of how many request workflow templates exist.

  • If a request workflow template is deactivated, then any associated answers and mapping will be deleted.

How to Create a Request Question-Answer Set

  • Navigate to Admin > Organization Management > Contract Request Question.

  • Enter the question that Requestors will answer.

  • Enter an answer, then select the request workflow template that will correspond to that answer.

  • To add another answer, click + Add an answer.

  • To delete an answer, click the trash can icon to the right of the corresponding workflow template.

  • When finished, click Save Contract Request Question.

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