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Role Management

Why do this?

This feature allows Contract Moderators to assist in the contracting process in a limited capacity.

Who can do this?

Only Super Admins can see Role Management or manage roles.

Additional Considerations

For now, role management is limited to granting users with the Contract Moderator role the privilege to initiate workflows on existing contracts.

Individual Contract Moderators can also be given the ability to initiate workflows from existing contracts on a per-contract basis via the Permission Override feature.

How to Manage the Contract Moderator Role

  • Go to Admin > Application Settings > Role Management.

  • Click on Contract Moderator.

  • Check the Can initiate workflows off of existing contracts box, then click Save.

    • To remove Contract Moderators' ability to initiate workflows from contracts, uncheck the box, then click Save.

Any Contract Moderator will be able to initiate an Amend/Extend/Renew/Terminate workflow on any contract for which they have Contract Moderator permissions.

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