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Signal Mountain Release Notes

These items were deployed to production the morning of Thursday, December 3rd, 2020.


PM2-7022, PM2-7032 DEFECT FIX In some cases, the automated email notifications prompting phase participants to take their turns (e.g. review, approve, sign, complete a phase) failed to send.

This has been fixed; automated email notifications will be sent as expected.


PM2-6950 DEFECT FIX In the Workflows tab, attempting to filter by a pick-list field value would return an error.

This has been fixed; users can filter for pick-list field values without error.

PM2-5884, PM2-6799 In the Timesheets and Timesheet Configs tabs, users will be able to report on custom fields.
  • Custom fields can be added via the Additional Columns widget.

  • Custom fields that have been added to the report can be filtered for custom field values.

Only custom fields that have been incorporated into timesheet form templates will be available for reporting in these tabs.


PM2-6865 Changes to the Participant Info and Participant Sequence lists will be recorded in the Workflow History in this format:

Participant(s) Added/Removed/Sequenced/Removed from Sequence
by User Name MM/DD/YYYY 00:00AM

  • Participant Name — Phase, Role

This will include the following actions:

  • Adding one or more participants

  • Removing one or more participants

  • Sequencing one or more participants

  • Removing one or more participants from the sequence


Timesheet Forms

PM2-5712 Admins will be able to create timesheet-specific form templates, which will allow them to capture supplemental information that is not included in the standard timesheet form.
  • Custom fields will capture additional information, typically used for reporting or for integrating with third-party systems.

  • Attachments and links will provide easy access to reference materials such as policy documents.

To create a timesheet form template:
  • Navigate to Admin > Organization Management > Form Templates.

  • Click Add New Form Template.

  • REQUIRED: In the modal, enter a unique Form Template Name.

  • REQUIRED: In the Form Type dropdown, select Timesheet.

    • The Field Triggers section will disappear because field triggers don’t apply to TERMS.

  • Enter any General Instructions.

  • Add any Reference Docs or Attachments.

  • Click Save.

  • Click (+) Add Section, then select Add New Section or Add Existing Section.

    • For a new section:

      • REQUIRED: Enter a unique Section Name.

      • Enter any Instructions.

      • Add any Reference Docs or Attachments.

      • Drag fields by the drag icon from the available fields list to the form section.

        • To edit field properties, click the ⚙.

        • To remove a field, click the red trash can.

      • Click Save to save the form section and add it to the form template.

    • For an existing section:

      • Select the Section in the dropdown.

      • Click Add.

  • To make the timesheet form template available for use, switch the Inactive toggle to Active.

The timesheet form will not be available for use in timesheets until it is Active.

  • Click Save and Close.

PM2-6159 Active timesheet forms will be available under Add New Timesheets.
  • Navigate to Explore > Contracts > Contract Summary Page > Timesheets tab > Add New Timesheets > Timesheet Form.

  • Select a timesheet form template in the Add Timesheet Form dropdown.

PM2-6505 Active timesheet forms will be available under Edit Timesheet Schedule.

Navigate to Explore > Contracts > Contract Summary Page > Timesheets tab > Manage Scheduled Timesheets subtab.

  • Because the Admin will be unable to select a different timesheet form template, the Timesheet Form Template dropdown will be disabled.

  • The field values will be editable on Active timesheets.

  • The field values will be read-only on Cancelled and Completed timesheets.

  • Edits to field values will be applied to all timesheets associated with the configuration, including Active timesheets and timesheets generated after the edits are saved.

PM2-6496 On the Add New Timesheets form, the Timesheet Form Template dropdown will allow the Admin to select a timesheet form template to add to the timesheet.

Only timesheet form templates in Active status will be available for selection.

PM2-6500 When an Admin selects a timesheet form template under Add New Timesheets, that timesheet form will appear on the Add New Timesheets form.

PM2-6242, PM2-6272 Custom fields appearing on both the contract file and the timesheet form will sync automatically.
  • If an Admin edits a custom field value in a contract file, then the field value will also be updated in the contract’s associated timesheets.

  • Conversely, if an Admin edits a custom field value in a timesheet form, then the field value will also be updated in the associated contract.

PM2-6559 In the form template builder, if Timesheet is selected as the Form Type, then the Attachment field will be hidden in the Available Fields.
  • The Attachment field type serves as a prompt for a workflow participant to add an attachment.

  • Because only an Admin can enter custom field values in a timesheet workflow, the field is unnecessary on timesheet forms.

PM2-6449 When the properties of a custom field are updated, those changes will automatically be applied to any applicable timesheet form templates.

The following custom field properties may be changed:
Input Type | Field Name | Number Formatting | Tooltips | Options

Updates to custom fields will be applied in the following places:

  • Timesheet form templates

  • Active, Locked, and Completed timesheets

PM2-6410 In the workflow template builder, timesheet form templates will be excluded from the list of available form templates.

This will prevent timesheet forms from accidentally being inserted into contract workflow templates.

PM2-6306 When a custom field is deleted, the application will check for its presence on timesheet form templates and timesheets.
  • If a custom field is on a timesheet, then it cannot be deleted. This follows the logic that prohibits deletion of custom fields that exist on active workflows and activated contracts.

  • If a custom field is on a timesheet form template but not a timesheet, then the timesheet form template will be added to the list of affected form templates that appears when an Admin deletes a custom field.

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