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Automated Access for Requestors

Why do this?

Automated access allows people within your healthcare organization who are not symplr Contract users to access to the application and enter a request .

Who can do this?

Only Admins can set up automated request access.

Additional Considerations

  • An algorithm will assess the likelihood that a request is problematic. If the algorithm determines that the request is likely problematic, then the person requesting access will be presented with a reCAPTCHA challenge.

  • The Requestor must validate their email address and establish login credentials in order to appear in any user list. This differs from users added by an Admin, who appear in the user directory as inactive until they establish login credentials.

  • In a multi-organization tenant, you’ll need to select the organization that Requestors will access.

How to Set up Request Access

  • Go to Admin > Organization Management > Application Settings.

  • In the Approved Email Domains for Automated Access field, enter one or more email domains (e.g. from which you will grant access requests.

  • In the Destination Organization for Automated Requestor User dropdowns, select the Organization you want Requestors to access.

  • Click Save.

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