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Additional Columns Widget

The Additional Columns widget allows you to select one or more additional columns to be added to the table.

  • The available additional columns are dependent on the table is being viewed. The Additional Columns widget is available for the worklist and on the Reporting page for the following tables:

    • Workflows

    • Contracts

    • Timesheets

    • Timesheet Configs

  • When a numeric field is added to Workflows or Contracts, any formatting applied to the field (such as the percentage symbol, dollar sign, or decimals) are displayed.

How to Add Additional Columns

  • Click Additional Columns.

  • In the dropdown, select one or more additional column(s).

  • When finished, click Add.

How to Remove Additional Columns

The column name will still appear in the Manage Columns dropdown, but the column will not appear in the table or report. To remove the column name from the Manage Columns dropdown, refresh the page.

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