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Reporting & Tables

Tables as Reports

Because you can apply and save filter settings, then export the filtered tables, the tables function as simple reports.

Although the reporting and scheduling features are available to all users, results are automatically limited to workflows and contracts that the user has permissions to view.

Customize Table Display

Table displays are customizable through widgets, toggles, and other functionalities.

  • The Filter Table, Manage Columns, and Additional Columns widgets let you choose which columns and rows appear in the table.

  • The number of total results is displayed above the table on the right. To change the number of results displayed on a page, enter the number of results you want in the box.

  • Results are listed in alphabetical order, usually according to the Name column, which is often the first column in the table. You can reorder the results by clicking the up or down arrow next to the column name that you’d like the results to be ordered by.

    • Clicking the up arrow alphabetizes the results from A-Z. Clicking the down arrow alphabetizes the results from Z-A.

    • Some columns, particularly those that may contain multiple values in a single cell (such as Entity, Site, and Department) cannot be sorted.

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