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Export Widget

The Export widget allows you to export the table as a CSV file or as an Excel (XLSX) file.

  • The file will appear as it does in the current table, including applied filters from Filter Table, selected columns from Manage Columns, and additional columns from Additional Columns.

  • The name of the file includes your name, the name of the table, Report, and the date and time that the table was exported: JohnDoe-ContractsReport-202012112146

  • Tables exported from the worklist, contract library, and vendor and provider directories will contain hyperlinks to any listed contracts, workflows, vendor profiles, and provider profiles.

How to Export a Table

  • Apply any customizations that you want to appear in the exported file (such as filters or selected columns).

  • Click Export.

  • Select your preferred file type.
    The file will download.

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