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Filter Table Widget

The Filter Table widget allows you to filter the table based on criteria you select.

  • The list of fields is alphabetized.

  • Many filters allow for the selection of multiple values.

    • Some filters have an Any/All toggle, allowing you to search for multiple field values in different ways:

      • Filtering for ALL returns results that contain all of the selected values. This is for fields that may have more than one value.

      • Filtering for ANY returns results that contain any of the selected values.

    • Date filters allow you to select date ranges.

      • Fixed Range is a specified start date and end date.

      • Relative Range is a number of days before or after the current date.


In the Reporting module, when filtering at least two criteria, the AND, OR, and NULL operators are available.

The OR and NULL operators are only available in the Reporting module. They cannot be applied to other tables, such as the worklist.

  • The AND operator combines two or more criteria where all of the criteria selected must be true.

  • The OR operator combines two or more criteria where at least one of the criteria selected must be true.

  • The NULL operator combines one or more criteria where no data was entered for the selected criteria (i.e., the value is empty).

Additional Considerations

  • When filtering at least one criteria using only AND operators or only OR operators, the criteria will be grouped, and the order of the criteria does not matter.

  • Using the AND operator retrieves fewer results that using the OR operator because all criteria for the AND operator must be true, while at least one criteria for the OR operator must be true.

  • The NULL operator is useful when auditing records for missing information.

How to Filter a Table

  • Click Filter Table.

  • Make your selections in the available filters.

  • If you’re selecting more than one criteria, select the appropriate operator(s).

  • Click Apply
    To close Filter Table without filtering, click Cancel or ✖.

When adding a filter, the default operator is AND.

  • To change the AND operator to an OR operator, click on it.

  • To change it back, click on it again.

How to Save a Filter

  • Click Filter Table.

  • Make your selections in the available filters.

  • Click the save icon.

  • Enter a name for your saved filter.

  • To make the saved filter the default, check the box.

  • Click Create.

Saved filter settings are user-specific.

How to Delete a Saved Filter

  • Click Filter Table.

  • Clicked Saved Filters.

  • Hover over the name of the filter you would like to delete. (Clicking on the saved filter closes the widget and apply that filter to the table.)

  • Click the red trash can next to the filter.

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