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Email Management

Why do this?

Customizing system email notifications can help you use these emails in way to better fit your organization’s unique needs.

Who can do this?

  • Only Super Admins can manage and configure system email notifications.

  • Admins have read-only access.

Additional Considerations

Disabling/Enabling Emails

  • Individual notifications cannot be toggled off at the organization level, although individual users can toggle off individual system notifications in their account settings.

  • The toggle does not apply to in-app (bell) notifications.

Customizing Emails

Do not edit or remove tags in an email.

  • For multi-org tenants, the custom text will be applied to the specified email for ALL organizations within the tenant.

  • Email templates for products not purchased by your organization will be hidden, e.g., if you do not subscribe to Time Tracking (TERMS 2.0) or Vendor Pulse Check, you won’t see those email templates.

How to Access Email Notifications

  • Hover the cursor over Admin, then select Application Settings.

  • Click the Email Management tab.

  • Email notifications are displayed in a table, which you can filter by Category and sort.

How to Disable Email Notifications

  • Go to Admin > Application Settings > Email Management.

  • Click the Organization Notification Emails Enabled toggle. Automated email notifications for the current organization will no longer be sent.*

    • To re-enable emails, click the toggle again.

*The following emails are excluded from this toggle:

  • DocuSign emails

  • Password reset emails

  • New user invitation emails (inviting an Other Party Contact to become an External Party User)

How to Customize Email Notifications

  • Go to Admin > Application Settings > Email Management.

  • In the table, click on the Notification Name.
    The notification text will appear to the right of the table.

  • In the Custom Text box, add or edit custom text.

  • When finished, click Save.

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