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Mount Tibidabo Prerelease Notes

We are excited to announce that the Mount Tibidabo Release has been tentatively scheduled for the week ending Friday, July 30th!

This release will occur on or after Thursday, July 29th.

These are the features and enhancements that may be included in the Mount Tibidabo Release. Please note that this list is subject to change.

The prerelease notes are essentially a summary, or abstract, of the release notes that will be published the day of deployment. If you read the prerelease notes and not the release notes, you will miss details regarding major features, as well as minor changes and defect fixes that cannot be published this far in advance of a release.

  • These items are currently undergoing testing for quality assurance. If our QA team deems an item unfit, it will not be released. This means that we might not release everything on this list.

  • To avoid surprising you, we will not release any major change that is not on this list.

  • We will still publish full notes on the day of the release. Here’s what you’ll find in those that you don’t see here:

    • A complete list of the features and updates that were actually released

    • Detailed instructions on how to use new features

    • Bug fixes and defect fixes

    • Minor tweaks to the UI that improve the user experience without substantially changing it


PM2-5156 Simultaneous Workflows

Admins will be able to initiate multiple workflows on a single contract record concurrently, so that they can quickly update the contract information as required by regulatory bodies and organizational policy.

  • For users with appropriate permissions, the Initiate New Contract button will appear on the contract summary page even if another workflow is in progress for that contract.

  • On the contract summary page, the Contract History tab will list all workflows on the contract alongside an interactive timeline.

  • On the contract summary page, the Field Change History panel will list changes to Key Terms and custom fields.

PM2-4043 Document Template Trigger

A new Form Phase trigger type, Document Template Trigger, will allow Admins to specify the Document Phase, document template, and Contract Types that the document template will be added to when the condition on a field is met.

The Document Template Trigger reduces the risk of a Phase Manager selecting the wrong document template and is particularly helpful when a contract type has several document templates to choose from.

PM2-8163, PM2-8164 An Admin can add the Add Document Template to Phase trigger to form templates.
  • When creating a workflow template, if the Admin selects a form template that has the Document Template trigger, the Admin will need to complete the setup for the trigger.

  • In the trigger setup, the Admin will select the Document Phase, Document Template, and Contract Types.

The Do not use this trigger on the form checkbox will allow Admins to exclude the trigger from a copied template.

PM2-8255 Workflow participants can add a condition to a field, which will trigger the insertion of the appropriate document template.
  • The trigger will fire when the user completes the phase, and the document template(s) will be added to the selected Document Phase:

    • When the condition on a field is met.

    • If the user added specific Contract Type(s) to the trigger setup for when a condition is met and the Contract Type(s) on the trigger match the Contract Type of the inflight workflow.

  • If the field is on multiple forms in the workflow and the trigger fired on one form, it will not fire again on the second form if the field has the same value that meets the trigger condition.


PM2-7818 The UI will be updated in Reporting to facilitate saving and editing reports.
  • A Save Report button will be added to Reporting.

    • Upon clicking Save Report, the user will be prompted to enter the report name and, if applicable, make the saved report the default.

    • Users will still be able to save a report via the floppy disk icon.

  • The count under Saved Reports will update when a report is created. Currently, the count updates when a report is scheduled.

  • Users will be able to edit saved report names in Saved Reports. Currently, users can only edit scheduled report names.

PM2-7848 User groups will be included in the Recipients dropdown for scheduled reports.

PM2-4130 Reporting on Critical Dates

A Critical Dates tab has been added to Reporting, allowing users to view and report data relating to critical dates.

  • PM2-8425 Critical dates data will display as a table.

    • The following columns will appear by default:
      Contract Name | Subject | Critical Date | Repeat Interval | Primary Responsible Party | Secondary Responsible Party | Additional Recipients for Alerts

    • The following columns will be available via the Manage Columns widget:
      Completed By | Completed On | Completion Comment | Created By | Created On | Tertiary Responsible Party

  • PM2-8707, PM2-8713 Users will be able to:

    • Filter the table

    • Sort columns

    • Save, schedule, and send reports

PM2-3538 Reporting on Attachments

PM2-7817 An Attachments tab has been added to Reporting, allowing users to view and report data relating to attachments.

  • PM2-7901, PM2-7836 Attachments data will display as a table.

    • The following columns will appear by default:
      Attachment Name | Attachment Type | Attachment Location | Attachment Notes | Attachment Subject | Attachment Category | Confidential | Effective Date | Expiration Date | Attachment Status

    • The following columns will be available via the Manage Columns widget:
      Attachment File Type | Date Created | User Created By | Visible to External Parties

  • PM2-8702 Users will be able to:

    • Filter the table

    • Sort columns

    • Save, schedule, and send reports

  • PM2-7902 In the Attachment Name column, the attachment name will be hyperlinked, and clicking the hyperlink will open a document preview modal.

  • PM2-5880, PM2-8854 Each attachment file will have a unique URL, allowing users to share a direct link to the attachment.

    • The Copy Link button is located in the document preview modal in Reporting and on the associated contract’s contract summary page.

    • User permissions apply when using an attachment link

      • The user will be required to log into CLM.

      • If the user does not have access to the attachment location, a You do not have permission to view this attachment message will display.

      • Confidential attachments will only be viewable when shared by users with permissions to that attachment.

    • The attachment will display in an attachment window.


PM2-6488 Form Builder Redesign

PM2-7393 The redesigned Form Builder will give Admins the ability to create, edit, and preview form templates without having to navigate to modals for primary functions.

  • Admins will be able to view and edit general information, sections, and triggers for a form template.

  • General Instructions and Form Instructions will be included on the Form Template Preview.

  • Form Template Previews can be downloaded and printed.

  • If a form template is toggled to Inactive, the Form Template Changes modal will display affected workflow templates and the organization associated with each effected workflow template.

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