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Prerelease Notes

At least two weeks in advance of each major release, we will publish a synopsis of new features and enhancements currently under consideration for inclusion in the next major release.

At the time of publication, new features and enhancements in the prerelease notes are undergoing testing for quality assurance. If our QA team deems an item unfit, it will not be released. This means that we might not release everything on this list.

  • To avoid surprising you, we will not release any major change that is not in the prerelease notes.

  • We will still publish detailed release notes on the day of each release. Here’s what you’ll find in those that you don’t see here:

    • A complete list of the features and updates that were actually released

    • Links to detailed instructions on how to use new features

    • Bug fixes and defect fixes

    • Minor updates that improve the user experience without substantially changing it

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