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Mount Victoria Prerelease Notes

We are excited to announce that the Mount Victoria Release has been tentatively scheduled for the week ending Friday, March 5th!

This release will occur on or after Thursday, March 4th.

These are the features and enhancements that may be included in the Mount Victoria Release. Please note that this list is subject to change.

The prerelease notes are essentially a summary, or abstract, of the release notes that will be published the day of deployment. If you read the prerelease notes and not the release notes, you will miss details regarding major features, as well as minor changes and defect fixes that cannot be published this far in advance of a release.

  • These items are currently undergoing testing for quality assurance. If our QA team deems an item unfit, it will not be released. This means that we might not release everything on this list.

  • To avoid surprising you, we will not release any major change that is not on this list.

  • We will still publish full notes on the day of the release. Here’s what you’ll find in those that you don’t see here:

    • A complete list of the features and updates that were actually released

    • Detailed instructions on how to use new features

    • Bug fixes and defect fixes

    • Minor tweaks to the UI that improve the user experience without substantially changing it


The MediTract CLM User Guide ( is being reorganized into a user-friendly knowledge base. Here are a few of the improvements you’ll see:

  • Topic-based pages

  • Better searching

  • Appendices containing information beyond the scope of how to do a thing

If you’ve bookmarked any pages in the online user guide, these updates will break those bookmarks. We promise to make it worth it!


Filtering with OR and NULL Operators

The reporting module currently only recognizes AND as a filter operator.

  • The OR operator will allow users to run more complex reports.

  • The NULL operator will make it easier to audit records for missing information.


Custom Fields Available in the Worklist

Custom fields will be available in the worklist table, giving workflow participants easier access to information relevant to their workflows.

  • Users will be able to add custom fields via the Additional Columns widget.

  • After adding those columns, users will be able to manage and filter those custom fields using the Manage Columns and Filter Table widgets.

In the initial release of this functionality, sorting will only be available for custom fields that have a single attribute.

Worklist & Contracts List

Improved Performance

The worklist and contracts list will load faster. This will be especially noticeable when switching on the Include Previously Completed Items or Include Inactive Contracts toggle.

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