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Signal Mountain Prerelease Notes

We are excited to announce that the Signal Mountain Release has been tentatively scheduled for the week ending Friday, December 4th!

This release will occur on or after Wednesday, December 2nd.

These are the features and enhancements that may be included in the Signal Mountain Release. Please note that this list is subject to change.

  • These items are currently undergoing testing for quality assurance. If our QA team deems an item unfit, it will not be released. This means that we might not release everything on this list.

  • To avoid surprising you, we will not release any major change that is not on this list.

  • We will still publish full notes on the day of the release. Here’s what you’ll find in those that you don’t see here:

    • A complete list of the features and updates that were actually released

    • Detailed instructions on how to use new features

    • Bug fixes and defect fixes

    • Minor tweaks to the UI that improve the user experience without substantially changing it


The MediTract CLM User Guide ( is being reorganized into a user-friendly knowledge base. Here are a few of the improvements you’ll see:

  • Topic-based pages

  • Better searching

  • Appendices containing information beyond the scope of how to do a thing

If you’ve bookmarked any pages in the online user guide, these updates will break those bookmarks. We promise to make it worth it!


Document & Attachment Continuity

When a workflow is initiated on an existing contract, documents and attachments in the current version of the contract will be imported by default.

In the Mount Rainier Release, we introduced the capability to select the documents and attachments that will be carried into new workflows initiated on existing contracts. In conjunction with that feature, we stopped importing document and attachments by default. Shortly after the feature was released, we received feedback that users strongly prefer that documents and attachments be imported by default.

This change may not be released as part of Signal Mountain. However, to facilitate learning, we are sharing information about it in advance. We will release an in-app walkthrough with the change.

The import functionality we introduced with Mount Rainier will still be available; we will simply change the default behavior so that documents and attachments are imported automatically.


Explicit Access

Explicit access will fulfill the need of providing or denying access to a single contract for individual users. Here are some use cases:

  • Hiding highly sensitive compensation information

  • Granting a Requestor access to a contract they requested

  • Allowing a user to access a single contract of a given Location and/or Contract Type without giving that user access to other similar contracts

Explicit access will override permissions for a specific contract in one of two ways:

  • Access Inclusion will grant an individual user access, at a Moderator or Editor level, to a contract that their permissions would normally prevent them from seeing.

  • Access Exclusion will prevent one or more users from accessing a contract that their permissions would normally allow them to view or edit.

Explicit access will facilitate access to and restriction from individual contract files. It will not apply to workflows or timesheets.


Timesheet Forms

Admins will be able to create timesheet-specific form templates, which will allow them to capture supplemental information that is not included in the standard timesheet form.

  • Custom fields will capture additional information, typically used for reporting or for integrating with third-party systems.

  • Attachments and links will provide easy access to reference materials such as policy documents.

PM2-5712 Admins will be able to create timesheet-specific form templates in the form template builder.

PM2-6559 In the form template builder, if Timesheet is selected as the Form Type, then the Attachment field will be hidden in the Available Fields.
  • The Attachment field type serves as a prompt for a workflow participant to add an attachment.

  • Because only an Admin can enter custom field values in a timesheet workflow, the field is unnecessary on timesheet forms.

PM2-6159 Active timesheet forms will be available under Add New Timesheets.
  • Navigate to Explore > Contracts > Contract Summary Page > Timesheets tab > Add New Timesheets > Timesheet Form.

  • Select a timesheet form template in the Add Timesheet Form dropdown.

PM2-6505 Active timesheet forms will be available under Edit Timesheet Schedule.

Navigate to Explore > Contracts > Contract Summary Page > Timesheets tab > Manage Scheduled Timesheets subtab.

  • Because the Admin will be unable to select a different timesheet form template, the Timesheet Form Template dropdown will be disabled.

  • The field values will be editable on Active timesheets.

  • The field values will be read-only on Cancelled and Completed timesheets.

  • Edits to field values will be applied to all timesheets associated with the configuration, including Active timesheets and timesheets generated after the edits are saved.

PM2-6496 On the Add New Timesheets form, the Timesheet Form Template dropdown will allow the Admin to select a timesheet form template to add to the timesheet.

Only timesheet form templates in Active status will be available for selection.

PM2-6500 When an Admin selects a timesheet form template under Add New Timesheets, that timesheet form will appear on the Add New Timesheets form.

PM2-6242, PM2-6272 Custom fields appearing on both the contract file and the timesheet form will sync automatically.
  • If an Admin edits a custom field value in a contract file, then the field value will also be updated in the contract’s associated timesheets.

  • Conversely, if an Admin edits a custom field value in a timesheet form, then the field value will also be updated in the associated contract.

PM2-6449 When the properties of a custom field are updated, those changes will automatically be applied to any applicable timesheet form templates.

The following custom field properties may be changed:
Input Type | Field Name | Number Formatting | Tooltips | Options

Updates to custom fields will be applied in the following places:

  • Timesheet form templates

  • Active, Locked, and Completed timesheets

PM2-6410 In the workflow template builder, timesheet form templates will be excluded from the list of available form templates.

This will prevent timesheet forms from accidentally being inserted into contract workflow templates.

PM2-6306 When a custom field is deleted, the application will check for its presence on timesheet for templates and timesheets.
  • If a custom field is on a timesheet, then it cannot be deleted. This follows the logic that prohibits deletion of custom fields that exist on active workflows and activated contracts.

  • If a custom field is on a timesheet form template but not a timesheet, then the timesheet form template will be added to the list of affected form templates that appears when an Admin deletes a custom field.

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