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Springer Mountain Prerelease Notes

We are excited to announce that the Springer Mountain Release has been tentatively scheduled for the week ending Friday, September 17th!

This release will occur on or after Thursday, September 16th.

These are the features and enhancements that may be included in the upcoming release. Please note that this list is subject to change.

The prerelease notes are essentially a summary, or abstract, of the release notes that will be published the day of deployment. If you read the prerelease notes and not the release notes, you will miss details regarding major features, as well as minor changes and defect fixes that cannot be published this far in advance of a release.

  • These items are currently undergoing testing for quality assurance. If our QA team deems an item unfit, it will not be released. This means that we might not release everything on this list.

  • To avoid surprising you, we will not release any major change that is not on this list.

  • We will still publish full notes on the day of the release. Here’s what you’ll find in those that you don’t see here:

    • A complete list of the features and updates that were actually released

    • Detailed instructions on how to use new features

    • Bug fixes and defect fixes

    • Minor tweaks to the UI that improve the user experience without substantially changing it


PM2-5427 Global Search

The keyword search, accessed via the top right corner throughout the app, will be able to return results for every organization within a tenant that the user has access to search.

  • This will only affect multi-organization tenants.

  • Search results will be limited by your permission sets.

To conduct a global search:

  • PM2-8843 Select the organizations you want to search.

    • Click the org name to the right of the search bar.

    • In the dropdown, check the organizations you want to search.

    • To search all organizations within your permission sets, check All Orgs.

    • Uncheck any organizations you don’t want to search.

You must include the current organization in your search. (It is selected by default.) To go to another organization, click Cancel, click on the current organization name in the top left corner, then select an organization in the dropdown.

  • Click Save.

  • In the search bar, enter one or more keywords.

    • PM2-9227 To clear the search bar, click the X. The X will replace the Clear button that currently appears to the right of the search bar.

  • Strike Enter.
    PM2-8844 Your results will appear in a modal with four tabs: Workflows | Contracts | Vendors | Providers
    Each result tab lists items by descending relevance.

    • Click on an item to open it in a new browser tab.

    • To remove all items within a selected organization from your search results, click the X to the right of the organization name at the top of the modal.

    • To close the search results modal, click the X in the top right corner.

Search results within documents or attachments will take you to the workflow/contract/vendor profile/provider profile associated with the document rather than the document itself.

If there are no results, a “No Results” message will appear. To dismiss the “No results” message, click the X in the top right corner.

PM2-5715 You can export global search results to a CSV or XLSX file.

Only one tab of results may exported at a time.

To export results:

  • Click on the tab you want to export.

  • Click on Export <tab name> Results.

  • Select the desired format: Export to CSV | Export to Excel
    The file will download in the selected format.


PM2-8690 Limit Phase Owner Abilities

A phase-by-phase setting, established within a workflow template, will determine if a Phase Owner can complete a phase before all sequenced participants have completed their turns.

PM2-8070 Admins will be able to configure individual phases within each workflow template so that a Phase Owner cannot complete the phase until all sequenced participants have completed their turns.
  • In the workflow template editor, a new checkbox, Phase Owner can complete phase before all sequenced participants have completed their turns, will appear under the Phase Manager field if the selected Phase Manager role is Phase Owner.

  • The box is checked by default.

  • If you uncheck the box, then you’ll see the following message: The Phase Owner will not be able to complete the phase if any active sequenced participant remains.

This will not apply to Phase Mediators, as Phase Mediators already cannot complete a phase until all participants have completed their turns. If the Phase Mediator is selected as Phase Manager, then the checkbox will be hidden.

This will not apply to Negotiation Phases with Open selected as the Review Type. If Open is selected as the Review Type, then the checkbox will be hidden.

This will not affect the ability of users with Admin permissions for a workflow to complete the phase. 

PM2-9030 If a workflow phase has been configured this way, and not all sequenced participants have taken their turns:
  • The Phase Owner will not see the Complete Phase button.

  • The Phase Owner will see the following message: 
    The phase cannot be completed until all sequenced participants have taken action.

PM2-7086 Partial Location Matching

A new type of location matching logic called Partial Match on Selected Leaf Nodes will replace the existing Permission Node system.

With this update, a user will be granted access to a contract or workflow when at least one of the Contract Locations, or nodes (Entity/Site/Department) in that user’s permission set matches at least one of the Contract Locations of a workflow or contract. 

This approach is more intuitive and more precisely matches a user's access to contracts and workflows with their permissions as set by the Admin. 

This logic will only apply to permission checks associated with locations; it will not affect User Roles or Contract Type permissions.


This functionality will NOT be turned on for customers at the time of release. It is controlled by a backend toggle at the tenant level.

All customers must migrate to the new Partial Matching system. We will eventually sunset the current Permission Node system. 

This will apply in the following situations:

  • Selecting a workflow template

    • Initiation

    • Reassign

    • Approval of a request workflow

  • Selection of a user available to take part in a workflow

    • Phase management

    • Participation

    • Proxy placement

    • Placement from a User Group

  • Access to a particular contract

  • Selection of a user on a workflow template

    • Phase management

    • Participation

    • Trigger placement

  • Population of lists of contracts

    • Reporting

    • Contract Library

    • Vendor/Provider records

    • Selection lists available for contract linking and Initiation

  • Population of lists of workflows1

    • Reporting

    • Worklist

    • Vendor/Provider records

  • Selection of available Approved Language in a workflow2

  1. For most roles, access to a given workflow (and thus display of that workflow in a list) is dependent upon involvement.

  2. Approved Language location matching has always relied on this system.


PM2-6140 Configure Form Builder to Require Attachments

Admins will be able to designate custom fields for uploading attachments as required.

PM2-8156 The Required attribute will be available for custom fields with the Data Type and Input Type of Attachment.

To require an Attachment field:

  • Go to Admin > Organization Management > Form Templates.

  • Click on the form template in which you’d like to require the attachment. 
    The form template editor will open.

  • On the field you want to designate as required, click on Properties.
    The Manage Field Properties modal will open.

  • Check the Required checkbox, then click Save.

    • To close the modal without saving changes, click Cancel.

  • On the form template editor, click Save and Close.

PM2-7390 If a form contains an Attachment field designated as required, then the Form Phase cannot be completed until an attachment has been uploaded in that field.
  • Red asterisks denote required fields.

  • If an attachment has not been uploaded to a required attachment field, then clicking the Complete Phase button will return the following error: (warning) Required Field

PM2-8722 Role Management

Within the Application Settings, Super Admins will be able to allow Contract Moderators to initiate workflows from contracts without assigning them the Editor role.

To grant Contract Moderators the ability to initiate workflows from contracts:

  • Go to Admin > Application Settings > Role Management.

  • PM2-8961 Click on Contract Moderator.

  • PM2-9025 Check the Can initiate workflows off of existing contracts box, then click Save.

    • To remove Contract Moderators' ability to initiate workflows from contracts, uncheck the box, then click Save.

PM2-9026 Any Contract Moderator will be able to initiate an Amend/Extend/Renew/Terminate workflow on any contract for which they have Contract Moderator permissions.

PM2-6017 Classifications Management

Within the Application Settings, Super Admins will be able to add the following new database classifications:

  • Contract Type

  • Document Category

  • Attachment Category

Super Admins will also be able to toggle the status of individual classifications to Active or Inactive.

Changes made to classifications will be applied at the tenant level. In multi-organization tenants, changes cannot be restricted to individual organizations.

Time Tracking (TERMS 2.0)

PM2-8338 Auto Copy Timesheet Configs

This feature will enable Admins to configure timesheet schedules so that when the last reporting period for the timesheet schedule ends, a new timesheet schedule is automatically created. 

  • The Automatically Copy the Timesheet Schedule setting will be disabled by default, so that a timesheet schedule will only auto copy if an Admin checks the box for that setting within the timesheet schedule.

  • The setting will be configured on individual timesheet schedules.

PM2-8251 Deactivate Certify Button

This feature will enable Admins to configure timesheets to prevent Timesheet Reporters from certifying timesheets that have no time entries. 

  • The Time Reporter cannot certify a timesheet without time entries setting will be disabled by default, so that Timesheet Reporters can continue to certify timesheets without time entries until an Admin enables the setting. 

  • This setting will be be configured at the organization level.

PM2-8084 Tracking Total Compensation

This feature, which tracks total compensation to providers, will allow customers to:

  • Report on total compensation records, filtering by contract, provider(s), and/or time period.

  • Add, edit, and delete tracking records for contracts.

  • Configure alert notifications for when the total compensation paid is approaching or exceeding the set maximum.

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