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Mount Yale Prerelease Notes

We are excited to announce that the Mount Yale Release has been tentatively scheduled for the week ending Friday, April 30th!

This release will occur on or after Thursday, April 29th.

These are the features and enhancements that may be included in the Mount Yale Release. Please note that this list is subject to change.

The prerelease notes are essentially a summary, or abstract, of the release notes that will be published the day of deployment. If you read the prerelease notes and not the release notes, you will miss details regarding major features, as well as minor changes and defect fixes that cannot be published this far in advance of a release.

  • These items are currently undergoing testing for quality assurance. If our QA team deems an item unfit, it will not be released. This means that we might not release everything on this list.

  • To avoid surprising you, we will not release any major change that is not on this list.

  • We will still publish full notes on the day of the release. Here’s what you’ll find in those that you don’t see here:

    • A complete list of the features and updates that were actually released

    • Detailed instructions on how to use new features

    • Bug fixes and defect fixes

    • Minor tweaks to the UI that improve the user experience without substantially changing it

Location Matching Logic

This functionality will be controlled by a backend toggle at the tenant level. Because turning it on will substantially affect user permissions, and in many cases require a comprehensive reconfiguration of user permissions, we recommend that you consult with a MediTract representative if you are interested in switching to Full Match on Selected Leaf Nodes.

A new type of location-matching logic will soon be available to replace the existing Permission Node system.

Full Match on Selected Leaf Nodes

To be considered a match, the comparison location (for example, a Reviewer’s Contract Location permissions) must contain every node that corresponds to the selected leaf nodes in the reference location (for example, the Contract Locations of a workflow where that Reviewer may be added as a Phase Participant). A selected leaf node is any selected node that doesn't have a child node selected.

Location-matching logic does not affect User Roles or Contract Type permissions; it only applies to permission checks associated with Contract Locations.

This will apply in the following situations:

  • Selecting a workflow template

    • Initiation

    • Reassign

    • Approval of a request workflow

  • Selection of a user available to take part in a workflow

    • Phase management

    • Participation

    • Proxy placement

    • Placement from a User Group

  • Access to a particular contract

  • Selection of a user on a workflow template

    • Phase management

    • Participation

    • Trigger placement

  • Population of lists of contracts

    • Reporting

    • Contract Library

    • Vendor/Provider records

    • Selection lists available for contract linking and Initiation

  • Population of lists of workflows1

    • Reporting

    • Worklist

    • Vendor/Provider records

  • Selection of available Approved Language in a workflow2

  1. For most roles, access to a given workflow (and thus display of that workflow in a list) is dependent upon involvement.

  2. Approved Language location matching has always relied on this system.


We will offer several new options for tracking activity minimums and maximums on timesheets:
  • By a specific Unit Type total across all Contract Locations

  • By Unit Type total for a single Contract Location

  • By total units for a single Activity across all Contract Locations

The current functionality, which tracks by total units for a single Activity for a single Contract Location, will remain available.

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