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Certification Text & Approval Text

Who can do this?

  • Only Admins can customize certification text and approval text for the organization.

  • Participants can see certification text and approval text in the workflow.

Where can you do this?

  • The certification text and approval text appear on all timesheets in the organization.

  • Timesheet Reporters will see the certification text when certifying the timesheet in the Time Entry & Certification Phase.

  • Timesheet Approvers will see the approval text when approving a timesheet in the Timesheet Approval Phase.

How to Edit Certification Text and Approval Text

  • Hover the cursor over Admin, then select Timesheet Management.

  • Under the Manage Certification Text, edit Certification Text and/or Approval Text as needed.

  • When finished, click Save.
    To revert the text and erase your changes, click Cancel.

  • If the length of the text exceeds the field size, then a scroll bar will appear.

  • In Google Chrome, you can click to expand the field to see all of the text.

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