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Summary & Custom Fields

Who can do this?

  • Admins/Super Admins, Editors, and Contract Moderators can see the Summary tab and the Custom Fields tab.

  • Admins/Super Admins and Editors can edit values in the Custom Fields tab.

How are the fields populated?

  • The Custom Fields tab contains a list of all the form data fields that exist within any workflows that have been run on the contract, regardless of whether those fields were populated. 

    • For contracts migrated from MediTract 1.0, all of these fields will be blank until a workflow is activated on the contract in symplr Contract.

  • Fields on the Key Terms section on the Summary tab were populated in the Key Terms panel of the workflow during the Activation Phase.

    • The only way to edit these fields is to initiate a workflow on the contract.

  • Fields on the Custom Fields section under the Summary tab were populated during the Form Phase of the workflow(s).

What fields can be edited?

  • Only form fields on the Custom Fields section can be edited, but the fields cannot be edited if there is a workflow in progress for the contract. Fields in the contract summary page will be locked down for the duration of the applicable workflow.

  • Fields in the Key Terms section cannot be edited in the Contract Library. You'll need to launch a workflow to update them so the changes can be audited.

  • Fields that were not populated in the workflow cannot be edited. You can only edit fields that were actually populated during the workflow process.

How to Edit Custom Fields

  • Go to Explore > Contracts, then open the contract you’d like to edit.

  • Under the Summary tab or the Custom Fields tab, click the pencil icon.

The pencil icon will not appear if the contract has a workflow in progress.

  • Edit the fields as needed.

  • When finished, click Save.
    To exit edit mode without saving your changes, click Cancel.

Upon saving changes:

  • If a field appears in both the Summary and Custom Fields tabs, updating the value on one tab will update it on the other tab as well. 

  • Changes to custom field values will be recorded in the Field Change History panel of the contract summary page. History records will include the new field value, the date and time of the change, and the name of the user who made it.

  • Responsible Parties will be notified via in-app (bell) and email notifications. (If a Responsible Party is making the change, they won’t receive those notifications.)

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