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Form Phase

The Form Phase is the second phase in a workflow, in which the participants populate form fields.

Once the Form Phase is completed, the workflow moves to the next phase. In most workflows, the Document Source Phase follows the Form Phase.

Roles & Participants

Form fields are only editable by the following users:

  • Admin

  • Current Phase Owner

  • Current Phase Mediator

  • In-turn Reviewer

  • In-turn Approver

How to Complete a Form Phase

  • On the workflow page, complete the form fields.

    • Required fields are highlighted in red.

    • Numeric fields have a 15-character maximum.

    • If the form has more than one page, you’ll see a Next button in the bottom right corner of the form. To return to the previous page of a form, click Go Back.

  • To save changes to the form without starting the phase, click Save Changes.

  • Add and sequence any participants.

  • Optional: Add any attachments.

  • Optional: Add any comments.

  • Optional: Update the priority.

  • After any applicable reviews/approvals have been completed and any applicable comments have been addressed, click Complete Phase. The workflow will proceed to the next phase.

After the form phase has been completed, form data will be available in a collapsible section on the right.

How to Print or Save a Form

  • To print a form, click the printer icon in the top right corner of the form.

  • The printed form includes the information in the workflow header (contract location, Primary Other Party, contract type, etc.), form field names and values, and tooltips, URLs, and form instructions.

  • To save a form as a PDF, click the Print icon and click Download or Save.

The print icon only appears in the Form Phase.

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