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Document Source Phase

In the Document Source Phase of a workflow, the main document and associated documents are added and prepared.

Once the Document Source Phase is completed, the workflow moves to the next phase. In most workflows, the Negotiation Phase follows the Document Source Phase.

Roles and Participants

  • Admin

  • Current Phase Owner

  • Current Phase Mediator

  • In-turn Reviewer

  • In-turn Approver

How to Complete a Document Source Phase

  • On the workflow page, click Upload Source File, then select the first file you want to upload.

  • To add subsequent documents, click the Add Document button.
    Navigate to the file you want to upload, then drag and drop it into the Upload Source File space in the workflow.
    (This will work for the first document as well as all subsequent documents.)

Accepted file types include RTF, TXT, DOC, and DOCX.

  • In the modal, enter the document name. (The document name defaults to the file name.)

    • The document name will be displayed above the assigned category.

  • Select the document category.

Selecting some categories will prompt (optional) entry of effective and expiration dates. Selecting the Other category will prompt (optional) entry of an explanation.

  • When finished, click the Save button. The document will display in the preview window.

You can upload multiple documents.

  • Optional: Add any other supporting documents that require review.

  • Add and sequence any participants.

  • Optional: Add any attachments.

  • Optional: Add any comments.

  • Optional: Update the priority.

  • Click Start Phase.

  • After any applicable reviews/approvals have been completed and any applicable comments have been addressed, click Complete Phase. The workflow will proceed to the next phase.

A Main Contract document is not required for the Document Source Phase to be completed.

Adding a Document

The Phase Owner, Phase Mediator, Admin, and in-turn phase participants can upload a new version of any document under review within the workflow.

Choosing an Attachment

  • When adding a document in the Document Source Phase or Negotiation Phase, you can use one or more of the attachments as a contract document.

  • When choosing an attachment, you can select any attachment associated with the workflow.

  • To choose an attachment, click Choose Attachment.

Choosing a Template

  • When adding a document in the Document Source Phase or Negotiation Phase, you can choose a document template without having to perform an additional click to open a dialog.

  • When the Choose Template radio button is selected, the controls that were displayed in a dialog (Document Category, Document Template, Template Name) are available on the page.

Deleting a Document

  • Access to the Delete button on the in-app document editor and PDF viewer is limited to the following participants: Admins | Current Phase Owner | Current phase Mediator | In-turn Reviewers and Approvers

    • Admins, Phase Owners, and Phase Mediators always see the Delete button.

    • For in-turn Reviewers and Approvers:

      • The Delete button is only available to the user who added the document during the turn in which the document is first added.

      • Once the user submits their review or approval, they will be unable to delete the document in any subsequent turn.

      • No phase participant can delete a document that was uploaded by another user.

  • If a phase participant accidentally uploads the wrong document, they'll be able to quickly correct it during their turn.

Editing (Redlining) a Document

  • An Admin, Current Phase Owner, or Current Phase Mediator can edit or redline the document during review and approval after adding herself to the sequence as a Reviewer or Approver.

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