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Edit (Redline) a Document

In-App Document Editing

  • In the Document Source Phase and the Negotiation Phase, non-PDF documents can be edited and redlined through the document viewer, negating the need to download, save and edit, and re-upload documents.

    • RTF, TXT, DOC, and DOCX files can be edited. 

    • The new document viewer will display all non-PDF documents in all phases.

    • The PDF viewer will remain in place for viewing PDFs. 

    • Documents in the Signature Phase will remain read-only.

  • Document Protection is not currently supported.

Inline Commenting

  • In the Comments tab of the document editor, in-turn phase participants can add or delete comments.

  • In the sidebar, in-turn phase participants can reply to and resolve comments.

  • The Comment Sidebar can be toggled off by clicking the Show Comments button.

  • Comments that are downloaded or uploaded within a document will carry over into the in-app document editor.

If you are commenting in Microsoft Word before uploading the document to symplr Contract, ensure that your name is in Word > Preferences > User Settings. If it is missing, your comments will appear to be written by “Microsoft Office User” when they are viewed in the symplr Contract document editor.


  • Spellcheck is enabled through the Proofing tab of the document editor.

  • Misspelled words will be underlined with a jagged red line.

  • Right-click the word to replace the misspelled word with the corrected spelling.

Who can do this?

  • During the Document Source Phase, editing functionality is available to the current sequenced Reviewer or Approver.

  • During the Negotiation Phase, if open review is selected as review type on the workflow template, editing functionality is available to Reviewers and Approvers that are in the participant sequence, regardless if they are the current sequenced participant. However, document editing is limited to one participant at a time. If a participant clicks inside the document body to edit the document, the workflow will be locked to other participants.

  • To edit or redline the document during review and approval, the Admin, Phase Owner, or Phase Mediator with adequate permissions will need to add herself to the sequence as a Reviewer or Approver.

    • Under the Participant Sequence expansion, the role should display as a Admin, Phase Owner or Phase Mediator, respectively. As the active participant, the turn should behave like that of a Reviewer.

When can you do this?

Documents can be edited in the Document Source Phase, Negotiation Phase, and Signature Phase.

Where can you do this?

You can edit a document in the Document Editor (below the workflow header).

Additional Considerations

  • The Phase Owner or Admin can closely monitor phase progression, as they will receive appropriate notifications as though they are a Reviewer. They will be able to make changes as needed.

  • During their turn in the sequence, the Reviewer or Approver will see the Submit Review or Submit Approval button in place of the Complete Phase button

  • Upon submitting review or approval, the Submit * button will be replaced with the Complete Phase button, and the ellipsis menu for Skip Participant | Retract Phase | Cancel Workflow will reappear.

  • The ellipsis menu is only available alongside the Complete Phase button OR if the Admin or Phase Owner is the final Approver in the sequence.

  • Workflow history will appear as it would for a Review.

  • Workflow participants can expand the document in the document viewer by either resizing the document viewer or resizing the right panel.

    • Workflow participants can expand and collapse the document with the controls located in the document header.

      • The workflow participant must be the current sequenced participant, and the expand feature is only available when the document is in edit mode.

    • Workflow participants can expand and collapse the right panel with the controls located on the top left of the panel.

      • Resize and collapse functionality of the right panel will apply to the Contract Library and all phases of the workflow.

How to Edit a Document

  • Click the appropriate Document Category tab.

  • Click the Track Changes button to turn on redlining capabilities.

  • Type in the document editor as you would in a Word document.

  • When finished, click Save.

How to Save a Document

  • Changes to a document will be auto-saved every 10 seconds.

  • To manually save your changes, click Save or submit your review/approval. Changes will be saved when a user submits review/approval or completes a phase.

If an Admin, Phase Owner, or Phase Mediator attempts to complete the phase when the document has unresolved markups, a warning will appear. 

Track Changes and Version Control

  • Document changes are tracked and attributable to a particular user at a particular time, comparable to how MS Word tracks changes. 

    • Track Changes are turned ON by default for DOC and DOCX files.

    • For other file types, including RTF and TXT, Track Changes are turned OFF by default, and its controls will be hidden.

  • Document versions are tracked as replacements are uploaded, and they are accessible via the View History button.

How to Accept or Reject Redline Changes

  • Click the appropriate Document Category tab.

  • When the file displays, select the Proofing tab in the Document Editor menu bar.

  • For each redline change, accept or reject the changes using the Accept or Reject buttons.

  • When finished, click Save.

When you accept the redline changes, the changes display in black text.

Selecting a Template or Uploading a Document

  • A Phase Owner or Admin can select a template or upload a document. To do this, navigate to the workflow, click Add Document, select Document Source, then click the document and cloud icon. You can also drag and drop the document.

  • Each new document will create a new tab in the document editing frame.


  • Retraction from a Document Source Phase or Negotiation Phase affects document saving. Some document changes will be kept and some document changes will be lost.

  • When retracting a workflow from a Document Source Phase or Negotiation Phase, the Phase Owner or Admin will see the following warning in the confirmation dialog box, along with the existing content:

All changes (even saved changes) made to any document since the last version was created will be lost. If you wish to keep more recent changes, you must download the document in question. For reference, a new version is created every time a document is uploaded and every time a Review or Approval is submitted.

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