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Start & Complete a Phase

Who can do this?

  • Admin

  • Current Phase Owner

  • Current Phase Mediator

When can you do this?

Phases are started and completed during the workflow. A phase cannot be started until the prior phase has been completed.

The Phase Owner or Phase Mediator will receive automated email notifications prompting them to start a phase or to complete a phase.

Where can you do this?

  • The Start Phase and the Complete Phase buttons appear underneath the workflow header.

  • The previous, current, and future phases are shown in the phase tracker.

  • When you start a phase or a complete a phase, the action, the phase, your name, and a timestamp appear in the workflow history.

  • The current phase appears in the Phase & Participant Info column in the worklist.

  • If the workflow was initiated for an existing contract, the current phase appears in the Phase column in under the Workflow Activity tab on the contract summary page.

How to Start a Phase

Click the Start Phase button.

The Start Phase button won’t appear until a Phase Owner or Phase Mediator has been assigned, even if the phase becomes active.

How to Complete a Phase

Click the Complete Phase button.

  • The Complete Phase button won’t appear until the phase has been started and any required fields are completed.

  • The Phase Mediator cannot complete a phase until all sequenced participants have taken action.

  • If an Admin completes the phase, the Phase Owner or Phase Mediator will receive an automated email notification alerting them that the phase has been completed.

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