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Contract Summary Page

About the Contract Summary Page

  • When a contract is activated, the information gathered from the workflow is moved to the contract summary page.

  • Contract summary pages are unique for each contract. Regardless of how many or what type of workflows are initiated for the workflow, each contract will have only one contract summary page.

  • You can access a contract’s contract summary page via Explore > Contracts, then clicking on the contract.

  • The contract header displays contract information that is unlikely to change, including the organization, contract categories, contract type, contract description, Primary Other Party, Secondary Other Party, and Contract Locations.

Actions that can be Performed from the Contract Summary Page

Several actions can be performed directly on the contract summary page.

From the top of the page:

  • Link the contract to another contract

  • Initiate a workflow

  • View previous versions of the contract (by clicking the caret next to the contract name)

From the contract header:

From the contract accordion:

From the Summary tab:

  • View key terms

  • View and edit custom field values

From the Custom Fields tab:

  • View custom fields

  • View and edit custom field values

From the Documents tab:

From the Attachments tab:

  • View, edit, upload, download, or delete attachments

From the Critical Dates tab:

From the Assets tab:

From the Compliance tab:

From the Workflow Activity tab:

From the Timesheets tab:

From the Pulse Check tab:

  • View, start, manage, and cancel Pulse Check surveys

From the Contract History tab:

  • View a list of all workflows associated with the current version of the contract

  • View all workflows for the contract in an interactive timeline

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