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Sequence Phase Participants

Why do this?

  • Phase participants will be unable to participate in the workflow unless they have been sequenced.

  • With the exception of open review in the Negotiation Phase, participants must take actions in the order that they are listed in the Participant Sequence panel in the workflow accordion.

    • The current sequenced participant is often referred to as an in-turn participant.

  • The workflow cannot progress to the next phase until all sequenced participants have taken action.

Who can do this?

  • Admin

  • Current Phase Owner

  • Current Phase Mediator

  • Reviewer or Approver*
    *If the phase has been started, then Reviewers and Approvers listed in the Participant Info panel can sequence themselves. However, they cannot sequence other participants.

Phase Mediators can sequence a phase participant and reorder the sequence, but they cannot remove a sequenced participant unless they sequenced that participant themselves.

When can you do this?

Where can you do this?

  • You can sequence phase participants under Participant Sequence in the workflow accordion.

  • When you sequence a participant, the action, the phase, your name, the name and role of the participant, and a timestamp appear in the workflow history.

How to Sequence Participants

You must add phase participants (reviewers/approvers/signatories) before sequencing them. You can do this in the same modal where you add them (although you can’t edit the order), or you can do it later. The instructions below are for how to do it later.

  • On the workflow page, click the Participant Sequence (+).

  • In the Set Participant Sequence modal, select the role: Approver | Reviewer | Signatory

  • Select the user.

  • To add another participant, click Add Participant, then select the role and user.

  • When finished, click Add.
    To close the modal without saving changes, click Cancel or ✖.

  • To change the sequence, drag and drop the participant name to the desired slot in the list.

  • To remove a participant from the sequence, hover to the right of the double arrow, then click the trash can.

The user (or users) will receive an automatic email notification alerting them that it is their turn in the sequence.

Additional Considerations

  • Once a phase has started, only participants who have not yet completed their review/approval/signature can be removed from the sequence.

  • When a user whose current setting is Away is added to a Participant Sequence, an asterisk will appear next to their name, and when the cursor is hovered over their name, an Out of Office tag will appear.

  • When a user is added to a participant sequence by a trigger, the user’s name and role will appear in the workflow history.

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