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Add a Participant

Who can do this?

  • Admin

  • Current Phase Owner

  • Current Phase Mediator

When can you do this?

Participants can be added in any phase of an active workflow except the Initiation Phase.

Where can you do this?

  • You can add and edit participants under Participant Info in the workflow accordion.

  • When you add or edit a participant, the action, the phase, your name, the name and role of the participant, and a timestamp appear in the workflow history.

  • If a participant performs specific actions, his or her name will appear in the workflow history.

  • The participant(s) name appears in:

    • The workflow accordion under Participant Info

    • Phase & Participant Info column in the worklist when the participant is in-turn (the column appears by default)

    • Current Participant column in the worklist (the column can be added via the Manage Columns widget)

How to Add a Participant

  • On the workflow page, click the Phase Info tab.

  • Click the Participant Info (+).

  • In the Set Participant Sequence modal, select the role.

  • Select the user.

  • To add another participant, click Add Participant, then select the role and user.

    • To remove a phase participant, click red trash can to the right of their name.

    • To sequence the participants, check the Sequence box.

Although you don’t have to sequence participants when you add them, they will be unable to participate unless they are sequenced.

  • When finished, click Add
    To close without saving your changes, click Cancel or ✖.

The added phase participants will receive an automatic email notification alerting them that they have been added as a phase participant. This will happen regardless of whether they have been sequenced.

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