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Skip a Phase Participant

Why do this?

  • Skipping a phase participants allows a subsequent phase participant to become the active one.

  • This gives the Phase Owner or Admin a way to address the situation where an active participant is unable to complete his review or approval.

Who can do this?

  • Admin

  • Current Phase Owner

By default the current Phase Owner can skip participants. However, individual workflow templates may be configured to prevent the Phase Owner from completing a phase before all sequenced participants have submitted their review or approval.

When can you do this?

Phase participants can be skipped in any phase of an active workflow.

Where can you do this?

You can skip a phase participant by clicking the … (ellipsis) below the workflow header.

Who can be skipped?

  • Current Reviewers and Approvers can be skipped.

  • Signatories cannot be skipped.

How to Skip a Phase Participant

  • Click ... (ellipsis) next to the Complete Phase button.

  • Select Skip Participant.

There will be no warning or confirmation.

After Skipping a Phase Participant

  • The next sequenced participant will become the active sequenced participant
    If it is the final sequenced participant's review or approval that is canceled, the phase will be ready to complete.

  • The canceled review or approval will be recorded in the workflow history.

  • In the participant sequence, a 🚫 will denote a skipped participant.

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