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Retract to a Previous Phase

Why do this?

Once a workflow phase has been completed, you can’t change anything that happened in that phase. However, if it comes to your attention that you need to change form field values, upload another document, or even add a Phase Participant to a previous phase, retraction allows you to undo one or more phases without canceling the workflow.

Who can do this?

  • Admins

  • Current Phase Owner

When can you do this?

You can retract to any previous phase in an active workflow except the Initiation Phase.

Where can you do this?

  • You can retract to a previous phase by clicking the … (ellipsis) below the workflow header.

  • The reason for retraction appears in the workflow history.

Additional Considerations

  • Retracting will revert the workflow to the beginning of the selected phase.

  • Phase participants added via workflow template, and individual phase participants added via trigger, will remain.

  • Phase participants added manually, and phase participants added as part of a user group, will be removed.

How to Retract to a Previous Phase

  • On the workflow page, to the right of the phase buttons, click on the (ellipsis).

  • In the dropdown, select Retract Phase.

  • In the retract modal, select the phase to which you want to retract.

  • Enter the reason for retraction. This reason will be included in the automated email notifications sent to the Phase Owners and other Phase Participants of completed phases affected by the retraction.

  • To complete the process, click Retract. You'll be redirected to the phase you selected for retraction.
    To cancel the process, click Cancel or ✖. You'll be redirected to the current phase of the workflow.

Upon retracting the workflow, the Phase Owner and the phase participants will receive an automated email notification notifying them of the retraction.

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