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Access & Copy Form Data

Who can do this?

  • Admin

  • Current Phase Owner

  • Current Phase Mediator

  • Workflow Moderator

  • In-turn Reviewer

  • In-turn Approver

  • In-turn Signatory

  • Requestor

The information in the Form Data panel is only visible to Form Phase participants

When can you do this?

Form data can be accessed and copied in any phase of an active workflow after the Form Phase has been completed.

Where can you do this?

You can access and copy form data under Form Data in the workflow panel.

How to Access and Copy Form Data

  • In the bottom right corner of the workflow, click Form Data.

  • To see the text of a clause, click the clause name.

  • To copy a form field, click Copy (Off) to Copy (On) mode.

  • Click anywhere in a form field to copy it to your clipboard.

  • To paste the field content, use the Ctrl (Command for Mac users) + V command, or right-click, then select Paste.

Additional Considerations

The Form Data panel will show dates and numeric data entered in the form.

  • The form data is derived from forms that are associated with the current workflow.

  • Where the represented data has been accumulated from multiple forms, the form name will be the primary header.

  • Where the form data has been accumulated from a sectioned form, the section titles will be secondary headers.

  • The form names and section titles can expand and collapse.

  • The form data is presented as read-only.

  • The form data will be updated as users save and submit form phases and edit previous entries.

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