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Vendor Pulse Check Survey Review

Who can do this?

Only an assigned Survey Reviewer can review a Pulse Check Survey.

How to Review a Vendor Pulse Check Survey

To access the survey, you can either click the link in the email you received asking you to review, or go to the URL provided to you by your symplr Contract admin and find the survey in your worklist.

  • To go to the Pulse Check worklist, go to Queue > Pulse Check.

  • Click on a survey to open it.

  • Review the responses.

Depending on the length of the survey, you may see a Multi-page toggle above the form. Click the toggle to switch to Single-page format, or click Next to go to the next page.

  • OPTIONAL: Add any attachments.

  • OPTIONAL: Add any comments.

  • Click Complete Review to submit your review.
    You will be returned to the Pulse Check worklist.

Once you complete the survey, the Survey Initiator will receive an automated email notification notifying them that the survey has been completed.

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