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Timesheet Type

Why do this?

The timesheet type label helps Timesheet Reporters with multiple timesheets for a single time period differentiate between those timesheets.

Who can do this?

  • Only Admins can manage timesheet types.

  • Only Admins can build and schedule reports for timesheet types.

Where can you do this?

  • Timesheet types can be created and edited in Timesheet Management > Timesheet Type.

  • Timesheet types can be added to new timesheets via contract summary page > Timesheets > Add New Timesheets > Timesheet Schedule.

  • Timesheet types can be edited on existing active timesheets via contract summary page > Timesheets > Manage Scheduled Timesheets > (click on the timesheet you want to edit) > Edit Timesheet Schedule.

  • In the worklist, timesheets with a timesheet type have an info icon next to the workflow name. To see the timesheet type, hover your cursor over the info icon.

  • The timesheet type appears:

    • In the timesheet header

    • In the Timesheet Type field on Reporting > Timesheets (the column can be added via the Manage Columns widget)

    • In the Timesheet Type field on contract summary page > Timesheets > Timesheets (the column can be added via the Manage Columns widget)

How to Add a Timesheet Type

  • Hover the cursor over Admin, then select Timesheet Management.

  • Under the Timesheet Type tab, click Create Timesheet Type.

  • In the Add Timesheet Type modal, enter a unique name for the Timesheet Type.

By default, the status is inactive. Only active Timesheet Types are available for use. To change the status to active, switch the toggle to ON.

  • When finished, click Save.
    To close the modal without adding the Timesheet Type, click Cancel or ✖.

  • Timesheet types cannot be deleted. To make a timesheet type unavailable for use within a timesheet, toggle its status to inactive.

  • Timesheet types cannot be edited. In the Edit Timesheet Type modal, you can only switch the active/inactive toggle.

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