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Update the Priority

Why do this?

A workflow’s priority may change after initiation, or it may have been mistakenly designated as Critical when it should be Normal (or vice versa).

If the priority is designated as Critical:

  • The Critical badge will appear on the workflow.

  • Workflow participants will be able to filter for critical workflows by clicking the [# critical] badge above the worklist.

Who can do this?

  • Admins

  • Phase Managers

Where can you do this?

This can be done within an active workflow.

Additional Considerations

A back-end toggle will allow or disallow use of the Critical Priority designation for workflows. By default, the Critical Priority designation is available for workflows.

How to Update the Priority of a Workflow

  • In the top right corner of the workflow, click Update Priority.

  • Select the priority in the dropdown:

    • Normal

    • Critical

  • Enter a reason for updating the priority, then click Save.

    • To exit without updating the priority, click Cancel.

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