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Unblock a Phase

Why do this?

Once a workflow phase has been completed, you can’t change anything that happened in that phase. However, if it comes to your attention that you need to change form field values, upload another document, or even add a Phase Participant to a previous phase, retraction allows you to undo one or more phases without canceling the workflow.

Who can do this?

Only an Admin can unblock a phase.

When can you do this?

You can unblock a blocked phase after addressing the condition that caused the block.

Where can you do this?

You can only unblock a phase within the workflow.

Additional Considerations

  • The workflow status Blocked will be available in the Filter Table widget in the Worklist and Reporting > Workflows.

  • Blocks and resolutions are recorded in the workflow history and, where applicable, the Executive Summary.

How to Unblock a Phase

  • Upon clicking Unblock Phase on the workflow, a modal with the trigger condition(s) and an optional Notes field will appear.

    • Any notes will appear in the workflow history.

  • Within the modal, click Unblock Phase.

    • To close the modal without unblocking the phase, the Admin can click Cancel or ✖.

Once the phase is unblocked:

  • The Admin who unblocked the phase will be sequenced in after the participant who blocked the phase.

  • The workflow status will change to Active, and the phase will be editable.

  • The sequenced Admin will be able to address the triggering value(s) and submit their review. Alternatively, the Admin may cancel or retract the workflow, or skip the remaining participants and complete the phase.

The Admin who unblocked the phase will be able to mark the value (or values) that triggered the block phase as acceptable.

  • If the Admin attempts to complete their turn without changing the value(s) that triggered the block phase, a modal with a prompt, a Notes field and the values that will be marked as acceptable will appear.

    • The prompt will read: All values that met the block phase trigger condition will be marked as accepted upon submission.

    • The Notes field will be optional.

    • The Admin can click Yes, Confirm Values to mark the value(s) as accepted.
      To return to the workflow and not accept the values, the Admin can click No, Take Me Back or .

  • If the Admin marks the values as acceptable:

    • The Admin’s name, the triggered field, the accepted value(s), and the date and time stamp will be recorded in the workflow history.

    • The fields with accepted value(s) will have green static text: <Value> has been accepted by an Administrator and will not block this phase.

    • If the phase is blocked again with a new acceptable value, the latest acceptable value by the Admin will be used.

Upon unblocking the workflow, the Phase Manager will receive an automated email notification notifying them that the phase has been unblocked.

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