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Request a Contract

Who can do this?

Only a Requestor can request a contract.

When can you do this?

Requesting a contract can be done at any time. If the request is approved, it will become a workflow with the Action Type of New, which may be activated to become a contract.

Why do this?

This feature allows users with limited knowledge of the system and internal processes to request a contract without necessarily granting them standard user privileges.

How to Request a Contract

  • To initiate the request, click the Request New Contract button, located to the left of the search bar.

    • If an Admin has set up multiple answers and templates, then a modal will prompt the Requester to answer a single question, which will direct them to the appropriate template.

If there are no mapped contract request workflow templates in the current organization, then the Request New Contract button will be hidden.

Additional Considerations

  • If the Requester does not have access to the resulting new workflow, they will be redirected to the contract request workflow.

    • The Requester will see this message at the top of the contract request workflow: You do not have the necessary permissions to view the requested workflow, so you have been redirected to the associated request workflow.

  • On the contract request workflow, the Submit Review button will be relabeled Submit for Review.

    • This change will apply when all the following conditions are met:

      • Workflow Action Type = Request

      • The user is a Requester with no other roles.

      • The user is acting as a Reviewer,

      • The phase is a Form Phase.

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