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Timesheet Form

Why do this?

By creating a timesheet form template, Admins can add a default set of custom fields and attachments to timesheets. Timesheet form templates allow the Admin to:

  • Capture supplemental information not included in the standard timesheet form for reporting purposes.

  • Reduce the number of times the same information needs to be entered. Custom fields included on the workflow forms can be added to the timesheets to display information captured during the workflow on the timesheets.

  • Capture information needed for integration with third party systems.

  • Add fields specific to the needs of the organization for reporting.

  • Provide the workflow participants reference information.

Who can do this?

  • Only Admins can add and manage timesheet form templates.

  • Only Admins can edit custom fields. Workflow participants cannot enter information into the custom fields.

  • Admins and Contract Editors can select and populate a timesheet form when initiating and scheduling a new timesheet for an existing contract.

  • Workflow participants can view custom fields values on the contract or in the active workflow.

Where can you do this?

  • Admins can add, view, and edit timesheet form templates via Admin > Organization Management > Form Templates.

On the Form Templates table, you can filter for timesheet form templates by selecting Timesheet as the Form Type in the Filter Table widget.

  • Admins and Contract Editors can select and populate a timesheet form via contract summary page > Timesheets > Add New Timesheets > Timesheet Form.

  • Admins and Contract Editors can edit the custom field values for an active timesheet via contract summary page > Timesheets > Manage Scheduled Timesheets > (click on the timesheet you want to edit) > Edit Timesheet Form.

  • For contracts, custom field values are displayed under the All Fields tab on the contract summary page.

  • For active workflows, custom field values are displayed under the General Info tab in the workflow.

How to Add and Edit Timesheet Form Templates

  • To add a timesheet form template, follow the steps for adding a form template, and select Timesheet as the Form Type. Upon selecting Timesheet as the Form Type:

    • the Field Triggers section will disappear because field triggers do not apply to TERMS.

    • the Attachment field will be hidden in the Available Fields because, with only Admins able to enter custom field values in a timesheet workflow, the field is unnecessary on timesheet forms.

  • To edit a timesheet form template, follow the steps for editing a form template.

In the workflow template builder, timesheet form templates are excluded from the list of available form templates. This prevents timesheet forms from accidentally being inserted into contract workflow templates.

Additional Considerations

  • When a custom field is deleted, the application will check for its presence on timesheet form templates and timesheets.

    • If a custom field is on a timesheet, then it cannot be deleted. This follows the logic that prohibits deletion of custom fields that exist on active workflows and activated contracts.

    • If a custom field is on a timesheet form template but not a timesheet, then the timesheet form template will be added to the list of affected form templates that appears when an Admin deletes a custom field.

  • Admins can edit timesheet forms under the Edit Timesheet Form tab.

    • Because the Admin cannot to select a different timesheet form template, the Timesheet Form Template dropdown is disabled.

    • The field values are editable on Active timesheets.

    • The field values are read-only on Cancelled and Completed timesheets.

    • Edits to field values are applied to all timesheets associated with the configuration, including Active timesheets and timesheets generated after the edits are saved.

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