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Approved Compensation

Why do this?

Timesheet Approvers, Financial Reviewers, and Admins will be able to enter Approved Compensation for individual time entries, modifying the amount a Timesheet Reporter will be paid. The business need for this typically occurs when the time a Timesheet Reporter enters results in the compensation exceeding the allowed maximum.

Who can do this?

Users with the following roles can enter Approved Compensation:

  • Admin

  • Approvers

  • Financial Reviewers

When can you do this?

The Approved Compensation field will only appear in the Time Entry Phase if both of the following conditions are met:

  • The timesheet has been rejected, returning it to the Time Entry Phase from a subsequent phase.

  • A user entered a value in the Approved Compensation field in one of those subsequent phases.

How to Edit Approved Compensation

  • In a timesheet workflow, click on a time entry.

  • In the Update Time Entry modal, enter or edit the amount in the Approved Compensation field.

    • Other fields in the modal will be read-only.

    • The only available buttons will be Save and Cancel.

  • When finished, click Save.
    To close the modal without saving your changes, click Cancel or ✖.

Additional Considerations

  • The Approved Compensation field and the Approved Compensation Added By field are available in the timesheet entry table within a timesheet workflow.

    • Both fields will be filterable attributes via the Filter Table widget.

    • Both fields will be hidden by default, but you can add them via the Manage Columns widget.

    • If the timesheet has been rejected to the Time Entry Phase, then the Approved Compensation amounts entered will persist.

  • The Approved Compensation entered overrides the calculated Compensation for the Activity in the Total Compensation calculation, including in Reporting > Timesheets.

    • In the Timesheet Approval Phase, if a user enters an Approved Compensation amount that differs from the calculated Compensation (based on units entered in the Time Entry Phase), then the Total Compensation field in the timesheet header will update to reflect the Approved Compensation amount.

  • Total Compensation will display three decimal places to account for mileage reimbursement amounts. (The current IRS standard mileage rate is 57.5 cents per mile.)

  • When the Approved Compensation differs from the calculated Compensation calculated based on the units entered, both an email and in-app (bell) notification will be sent to the following parties:

    Timesheet Reporter | Timesheet Assistant (if applicable) | Timesheet Approver | Timesheet Financial Reviewer

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