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Attachment Management

An Admin for your organization can ask their symplr Contract representative to toggle OFF the Attachments tab in the Contract Library, so the tab will not be visible in the UI.

Who can do this?

  • Admins/Super Admins, Editors, Contract Moderators, and External Parties can see and download attachments.

  • Admins/Super Admins and Editors can add attachments.

Where can you do this?

When a contract is activated, the Attachments panel from the workflow panel becomes the Attachment tab on the contract summary page.

The Attachments Table

Attachments are displayed in a standard table, with the Filter Table, Manage Columns, and Export widgets.

  • The following columns appear by default:
    Actions | Category | Filename | Confidential | Visible to External Party | Effective Date | Expiration Date | Subject | Notes*
    *This column will display a max of 20 characters. Hovering over the ellipsis (…) will reveal the full note.

  • The following columns are available via the Manage Columns widget:
    Created By | Created On | Modified By | Modified On

The attachments displayed in the table correspond to the version of the contract that the user is currently viewing.

How to View a Different Contract Version’s Attachments

  • Navigate to the contract summary page.

  • Click the caret next to the contract name.

  • Select a different version of the contract.

  • See the attachments relevant to the Action Type change as you select a different version. Note that when viewing a previous version of the contract, all attachments in the table will be read-only (view/download only).


In the Actions column, users can view, edit, download, or delete the attachment.

  • Click View to open the attachment in the document viewer. In the document viewer, the Download, Upload, and View History actions will be available.

    • When a user uploads a new version, the filename, date and timestamp, and user’s display name will be recorded under View History.

    • Any previous versions will be available under View History.

  • Click Edit to open the edit attachment modal.

  • Click Download to download the attachment.

  • Click Delete to delete an attachment. A confirmation will appear briefly.

How to Add an Attachment

  • Under the Attachments tab, click the (+).

  • Select an attachment to upload.

  • In the Add Attachment modal, complete the form.

  • When finished, click Save.
    To close the modal without adding the attachment, click Cancel or ✖.

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