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What are sections?

A section is a group of custom fields. Admins can select one or more sections to build the form for the Form Phase.

When and where can you do this?

  • Admins create and edit sections in the Sections tab of the form builder.

  • Admins can add the form template to a workflow template, so the section(s) appear in the workflow template.

  • When a user selects the workflow template (and subsequently the form template) during initiation, the section(s) appear in the workflow.

Components of a Section

Fields List

The Fields List shows all fields that are available to be added to a section.

  • Only active custom fields display in the form builder. You can manage custom fields via Admin > Organization Management > Custom Fields.

  • When creating or editing a section, you can drag fields from the Fields List into the section, then manage properties and triggers from there.

  • The fields are listed alphabetically, starting with symbols then numbers. The Fields List is searchable.


How to manage field properties

  • In a form template section, click on Properties under the field you'd like to manage. The Manage Field Properties modal will open. In the modal, you can manage reference documents and check/uncheck the following properties: Required | Help Text | Form Specific Tooltip | Default Value.

    • To make the field required, check the Required box.

    • Help Text displays as static text below the field.

    • To add a tooltip, check the Tooltip box, then enter the tooltip in the free text field that appears. This text will appear when the user hovers the cursor over the field. The tooltip is specific to the form template and it will override the tooltip added to the custom field.

    • To add a default value, check the Default value box, then enter the value in the field that appears.

  • Add any reference docs (i.e., attachments or URLs).

  • When finished, click Save.


To manage triggers for a field, click Triggers. In the Manage Field Triggers modal, you can manage the condition and trigger action for a selected field. The values entered here appear in the Triggers tab of the form builder, where you can edit trigger information.

How to Add a New Section

  • Under the Sections tab in the form template builder, click (+) Add Section.

  • Select Add New Section.

  • Enter the section name.

  • If applicable, enter instructions.

  • Add any reference docs.

  • Click and drag fields from the Fields List, then drop the fields in the blank area to the left.

  • If applicable, configure properties or triggers for the fields.

  • To rearrange fields, drag them by the three-bars icon and drop them where you want them.

  • To remove a field from the section, click the red trash can.

  • When finished, click Save and Close.

How to Add an Existing Section

  • Under the Sections tab in the form template builder, click (+) Add Section.

  • Select Add Existing Section.

  • In the Add Section modal, select a section from the dropdown. Upon making a selection, a preview of the section will appear.

  • Click Add.

  • To edit the section, click View All Questions.

  • When finished, click Save and Close.

Additional Considerations

  • Each time you create a section and save your work, it will be available for use on other form templates.

  • If you edit an existing section (as opposed to one you just created), upon saving, you'll be asked whether you want to apply the change to all form templates that use that section, or create a new section by copying.

  • To change the order of the section, you can drag them in the left panel.

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