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Designating a Timesheet Assistant

Why do this?

The role of Timesheet Assistant (known as Reporting Party Proxy in Legacy TERMS) allows designated users to add, edit, and delete time entries on the behalf of Timesheet Reporters.

Who can do this?

Only Admins can add, edit, or remove Timesheet Assistants.

When and where can you do this?

  • The Timesheet Assistant role can be assigned in the user directory, either on the Create New User modal (for new users) or under the Timesheet Permissions tab in the Manage User modal (for existing users).

  • Timesheet Assistants can be added to new timesheets under the Add New Timesheets tab on the contract summary page.

  • Timesheet Assistants can only be edited on active timesheets under the Manage Scheduled Timesheets tab on the contract summary page.

  • The Timesheet Assistant will appear in:

    • The Timesheet Assistant column under Reporting > Timesheets and Timesheet Configs (the column can be added via the Manage Columns widget)

    • The Timesheet Assistant field under Timesheets > Add New Timesheets on the contract summary page

    • The timesheet header of a workflow

Who can be a Timesheet Assistant?

To be eligible for selection as a Timesheet Assistant:

  • The user must have the role of Timesheet Assistant under their Timesheet Permissions. User roles are added, edited, and removed via user profiles.

  • The user must be a provider contact in the provider profile associated with the timesheet.

A Timesheet Assistant may be assigned to timesheets for multiple Providers.

What can the Timesheet Assistant do?

The Timesheet Assistant can:

  • Access the menu bar items My Worklist, Feedback, and Help. (If the Timesheet Assistant has additional roles, they may be able to see additional items.)

  • Access timesheets to which they have been added as a Timesheet Assistant.

  • Add, edit and delete time entries.

  • Add, edit and delete attachments.

  • View and add comments.

  • Edit and delete comments that they added.

The Timesheet Assistant cannot:

  • Certify a timesheet.

The Timesheet Assistant will receive the same email and in-app (bell) notifications that are sent to the Timesheet Reporter.

How to Add a Timesheet Assistant on a New Timesheet

  • Navigate to the contract where you would like to add the Timesheet Assistant.

  • Under the Timesheets tab, click the Add New Timesheets tab.

  • Under the Add New Timesheets tab, click the Timesheet Schedule tab.

  • To add a Timesheet Assistant, select a Timesheet Assistant from the dropdown.

  • To clear your selection, click the ✖ next to the current Timesheet Assistant’s name.

  • Complete the Timesheet Schedule form.

  • When finished, click Create Timesheets.

How to Edit or Remove a Timesheet Assistant on a Scheduled Timesheet

  • Navigate to the contract where you would like to edit the Timesheet Assistant.

  • Under the Timesheets tab, click Manage Scheduled Timesheets.

  • Under the Manage Scheduled Timesheets tab, click the timesheet you want to edit.

  • Under the Edit Timesheet Schedule tab, select a Timesheet Assistant from the dropdown.

  • When finished, click Copy. The timesheet will redirect to Timesheets > Add New Timesheets.

  • Click Create Timesheets.

Changes will be applied to timesheets generated after the change has been saved.

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